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Nane Sexpuppe

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This sex doll is made of so-called thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), which, due to its good compatibility, are now also widely used in medical technology, where consumer and patient protection, hygiene and the ability to be sterilized are particularly important.

Inside the sex doll is a metal skeleton, which is based on human anatomy and therefore allows almost all positions that a human can take. She also has three love entrances :

  • Vagina Depth: 17cm
  • Anal depth: 17cm
  • Oral depth: 12cm

When purchasing this sex doll, the following accessories are always included in the scope of delivery:

  • surprise outfit
  • Warmer for the entrances
  • Gloves
  • Comb
  • cleaning pump

Nane is a love doll that can be customized in great detail. Below you can add your own preferences step by step to create your perfect companion. Would you like Nane to have the same body proportions as in the pictures on the left? Then please select the following body:

Body used for the photos: 153cm chubby

Manufacturer: AIBEI


Die Sex Doll Konfiguration finden Sie am Ende dieser Seite. Hier können Sie Ihre Sex Doll individuell konfigurieren.
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Nane from AIBEI: The perfect synthesis of quality and passion

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More information about AIBEI sex dolls at: https://aibeigirls.com/

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Seductive, individual and lifelike: Discover the sex doll Nane from AIBEI

The art of intimacy has taken on a new form thanks to the exquisite love doll Nane from the renowned house of AIBEI. As a leading manufacturer of first-class sex dolls, AIBEI has created a unique creation with Nane that redefines the ideas of love and passion. This sex doll is not only a physical masterpiece, but also embodies the pursuit of the highest quality and an unbeatable price.

The lure of TPE and silicone: Perfect feel and adaptability

A highlight that distinguishes Nane from AIBEI is the choice between TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone as materials for your case. TPE offers amazing softness and flexibility that gives a realistic skin feel, while silicone has a smoother and more delicate texture. Both materials allow for customization and are hypoallergenic to ensure a worry-free experience.

Physical perfection, according to your wishes

The Nane love doll from AIBEI offers a remarkable range of configuration options. Starting with the body, you can make your imagination come true. From slim to curvy, from petite to full-bodied – sex doll Nane can meet your expectations and fulfill your most intimate desires.

Breasts, eyes, hairstyle: your dream partner, down to the smallest detail

The ability to choose between gel or air-filled breasts demonstrates AIBEI’s commitment to individual needs. Nane’s eyes sparkle with realistic expressiveness, while her hairstyle can be styled to suit your taste. This attention to detail creates a connection that goes beyond the physical.

Stability and steadfastness: A strong bond

AIBEI’s Nane features a sophisticated stand function that not only provides stability but also allows for more authentic interaction. You can enjoy your precious moments with Nane without compromise.

Articulated Shoulders: A new level of customization

AIBEI understands that individuality lies in the small things. That’s why Nane offers a choice of regular or movable shoulders. This option allows you to put your sex doll in a position that is exactly what you want.

High quality and affordable price: an irresistible offer

In the world of sex dolls, quality is of the utmost importance. AIBEI has recognized this and ensures that every Nane doll meets the highest quality standards. But the best part is that all this sophistication comes at an amazingly affordable price. AIBEI believes that luxury does not have to be unaffordable.

Delivery time in weeks, not months: your patience will be rewarded

The anticipation of Nane doesn’t have to last long. With an impressive delivery time of just 4-6 weeks, you can soon experience your connection with this exceptional love doll.

Conclusion: Nane from AIBEI – A declaration of love to your dreams

Nane from AIBEI takes sex doll design to a new level. With a unique combination of quality materials, customization and an unbeatable price, AIBEI proves that intimacy and passion do not require compromise. Nane is more than a sex doll – she is an embodiment of desire, intimacy and excellent craftsmanship.



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